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The forgotten tomb of Nicholas Hannon

Ivy now surrounds the remains of the tomb of Nicholas Hannon and his wife Rayneta Madden, that thick mature ivy that grows between the crevices and joints of ancient stonework and over time destroys its host. It is a sad sight now to see this tomb in such an advanced state of neglect. When built in […]

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Fr Michael Byrne in the Sacristy

St. Anthony of Padua and Galway

The traders who had the foresight to set up stall at the Cathedral gates must have made a fortune selling lilies in Galway this morning. Today the relics of the celebrated St. Anthony of Padua were brought to Galway Cathedral for veneration and the florists at the gate, mindful of the flower’s long association with […]

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Burke (variations)

© Donal G. Burke 2013 Variations to the shield The basic or pronominal shield associated with the name Burke, Bourke or de Burgh has come to be regarded as ‘Or a cross Gules’ although it would appear this was not borne by at least the earliest two generations of the name in Ireland. (Refer to […]

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donkey's head

The Great October Fair and Napoleon’s horse

The Great October Horse Fair at Ballinasloe and its associated festival lasts for about a week, this year running from Saturday 28th September to Sunday 6th October. The photographs below were taken on the first Sunday and final Saturday of the Festival, two of its busiest days. I missed the show jumping on the first […]

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snapped tree trunk at the avenue to the Bishop's Palace and House of Prrayer

‘The trees were dancing’

It was with astonishment that I read the telephone message from my brother last night to the effect that a tornado had hit Clonfert but our parents were safe. Needless to say I was initially incredulous. Ireland is not known for its extremes of weather and a tornado of any sort is an exceptional occurrence, but as […]

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